What is A Product Demonstration Video?


Product demonstration videos

VideoTelepathy Product Demonstration Videos are highly-engaging 30-45 second videos that demonstrate your products being used by real people and, supported by dynamic text and music. These videos subconsciously encourage viewers to see themselves using your product in their mind’s eye.

At VideoTelepathy, our product demo videos are created to convert browsers into buyers and buyers into brand fanatics. Each video provides answers to the questions consumers may have about your product by addressing the relevant interests and needs of your audience, like how your product will make the viewers life easier or better. After creating literally hundreds of these product demonstration videos, we have cracked the code on creating videos that sell!

product demonstration video

*“The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video”Product demonstration videos are great for Amazon and eCommerce sellers

Product demonstration videos are great for both Amazon and eCommerce sellers.

While most videos have only one specific purpose, our videos are versatile. With VideoTelepathy’s tried and true video creation process we make buyers out of viewers.

Your demonstration video will show viewers how your product can solve their problems and make their life easier. Each video is designed to help your customers understand how your product works and imagine themselves with your product in their hands. This gives them the confidence to purchase your product quickly.

After we determine your ideal customer demographic profile, we focus on your audience needs and our product demonstration videos show them why your product is the best solution.

Video Telepathy’s proprietary video formatting formula also makes your demo videos extremely versatile, giving you a ton of options to leverage them into different marketing channels such as video ads, social media posts or snackable content that gets shared virally

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are known to be an effective tool for businesses and the products they are promoting. VideoTelepathy demo videos can drive interaction to your product whether it is on Amazon, Facebook, YouTube or whatever medium best suits your marketing efforts.

We  ensure that each of your videos is well thought out and crafted with shareable content, This strategy is critical when creating successful Amazon and/or eCommerce product videos.

product review video
*72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service

Why should I use a product demonstration video?


Video is the most effective medium for marketing products next to a live personal demonstration from a trusted friend.  The only question is where to source demo videos that you can rely on to move the needle. VideoTelepathy has cracked the code on delivering high quality, yet cost effective videos, that convert sales fast . We also deliver them on time! We specialize in creating high quality, affordable eCommerce and Amazon product videos and ads. This means we can produce amazing high quality videos that will increase your bottom line for thousands of dollars less than other video agencies.

Although every business is different, some of our customers have reported their new videos paid for themselves by the end of the 1st or 2nd day they were added onto their site!

product demo vids
Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support

How can I get a product demo video? 

VideoTelepathy’s goal is to put your company first and create quality videos that are relevant to your company’s product and audience. Our chief aim is to appeal to  your consumers and give them the confidence needed to purchase your product with little resistance. Great videos begin with great stories. We strive to create videos that are unique and inspiring and would love to help you connect easier and more quickly with your customers.


Are you ready to start increasing sales and conversions using video? Schedule a time to chat with us. We never try to sell you, we just answer all your questions and let our videos and pricing sell themselves!

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